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The laboratory was established on pilot basis during 2001-02 by the department of Agriculture with an objective for micro-propagation of sugarcane. However, it could not take off due to various reasons. The most important set back are:

  1. Poor infrastructural set up
  2. Lack of trained man power
  3. Others.

However during 2011-12, the department decided to revive the laboratory with minimum Modification of infrastructural and manpower set up such as:

  1. Growth chamber
  2. Water supply
  3. Electricity fittings
  4. Poly/net house
  5. Equipments and glassware
  6. Training of manpower

Thus during 2012-13, the laboratory was successful in standardizing the tissue culture protocols by successfully culturing the tissue culture planting material of Banana (var:G-9) and Orchids (Var: Hybrid Vanda). During 2014-15, the laboratory was also successful in standardizing the tissue protocols for sugarcane (Var: co-997 and co-9103)

Production Details: (2012-16)




Qty. produced

Qty distributed

Status/To Whom Issued

1. Banana Grand Naine 40,000 39,000 saplings KVK,Farmers, SARS, Dept. Farm 4th Mile
2. Orchids Hybrid Vanda 3500 Nil Under hardening
3. Sugarcane Co-997


6500 5600 Farmers, Departmental farm 4th Mile

Beside the above mentioned Tissue culture materials, the lab also produced 20,000 nos of Mandarin saplings through Embryo culture from the seeds procured from the state Horticulture department and distributed to the farmers.

At present though the production capacity of the laboratory is 10,000 plantlets, however, with modest civil works and material support, it can be upgraded to produced (1 lakh) planting materials annually.


                      Media Preparation                                   Media Sterilization

                       Growth Chamber                                         Innoculation

             Meristem Tip Culture Invitro                        Shoot Multiplication

                          Rooting Invitro                                             Hardening


                    Orchid (Hybrid Vanda)                              Banana (Grand Naine)