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The laboratory was established on pilot basis during 2001-02 by the department of Agriculture with an objective for micro-propagation of sugarcane. However, it could not take off due to various reasons. The most important are:..
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Soil Chemistry


State Agriculture Chemistry Laboratory was established at IETC Medziphima in the year 1976 with the objective of collecting the Soil samples of the farmers through DAOs, SDAOs and other allied departments as well as NGOs, SHGs and interested individual farmers. The soil samples so collected are analyzed for NPK and the recommendations made for the required doses of inorganic fertilizers to the concerned farmers…
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Bio Fertilizer, Medzhiphema, Nagaland

BACKGROUND OF THE LABORATORY: Biofertilizer Laboratory at Medziphema is one of the most important producer of biofertilizers in the state under the Department of Agriculture. It is located at Medziphema town in the foothill of Pauna Range in the District of Dimapur,Nagaland.It is a small developing town in between Dimapur and Kohima on National Highway No.29, about 30 kms from Dimapur(the commercial Hub of the state,which is well connected with Road,Rail and Airways).It is 45 kms from Kohima,the Capital City of Nagaland….
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Bio Control Lab

The State Bio-Control Laboratory, Medziphema, under the Department of Agriculture, Government of Nagaland, was inaugurated in the year 2000. The main objective of the bio control laboratory is the mass production of bio agents for control of pest and diseases. The bio control agents are an integral and indispensible part of Integrated Pest and Disease management….
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