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State Agri Expo 4th Mile dimapur

Location and Genesis:

          The State Agri Expo office (Erstwhile NER Agri Expo) is located at 4th Mile Dimapur, which is bounded on the east by the Dimapur-Kohima Highway (NH-29) West by Diphupar ‘B’ village, North by Diphupar village and south by Green Park was part of the area measuring 25,768.4 acres declared as “Rangapahar Reserved Forest” by Governor council vide Notification No. 58-R dt. 08.01.1924. Subsequently, in 1966, the Govt. of Nagaland by Notification No. FOR-129/65 dt.01.07.1966, released the area measuring about 4896 acres from reserved forest for the purpose of Sugarcane cultivation to feed the proposed Sugar Mill. Out of the deserved forest, the Agri. Department was allotted 250 acres of land for establishment of Sugarcane nursery which was set up. After bifurcation, the present area of 95.68 acres at 4th Mile is well fenced and demarcated.

Mega events held:

NER Agri Expo 2006.

        The Govt. of Nagaland launched ‘ Year of Farmers’ campaign in 2006 and as part of that campaign, it organised the first Mega NER Agri Expo at 4th Mile Dimapur, from 27th -31st March 2006 under the theme “ Emerging Horizons in Agri-business”. It was inaugurated by Shri. Sharad Pawar, Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture India, who also declared the 4th Mile Dimapur as “Permanent Site of NER Agri Expo”

Rice Festival 2007.

      The first ever Nagaland Rice Festival 2007 was organised with a workshop on “Rice and Food Security“ on 11th – 15th Dec’ 2007 at the NER Agri Expo, 4th Mile Dimapur.

NER Agri Expo 2010.

        The 2nd NER Agri Expo, 2010 “Prosperity through Agriculture” which was hosted by the Govt. of Nagaland in partnership with FICCI and with sponsorship from Ministry of DONER/NEC and Ministry of Agriculture successfully held on 15th to 19th December 2010 at NER Agri Expo, 4th Mile Dimapur.

NER Agri Expo 2012.

        The 3rd NER Agri Expo was successfully held from 15th to 17th Nov’ 2012 under the theme “ Progressive Agriculture” and witnessed the participation of all the NER States along with national and international participants from both private and public Sectors.

      The Agri Expo continues to provide a common platform for productive interaction between farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, research and banking institutes and exhibitors. From the content-rich breakout sessions that focuses on emerging agricultural technologies, indigenous species, furniture and crafts, Medicinal and aromatic plants, research findings and overall management techniques, the Expo guaranteed and delivered an incredibly rewarding event for farmers, visitors and participants alike.


  1. Administrative Block.                                  International Pavilions.

  2. Exposition Hall.                                           Tribal’s Huts.

  3. NE Stall.                                                       Hanger.

  4. VIP Lounge

  5. Thematic Stalls.

  6. Angh House.






                           Administrative Block                                        Exposition Hall

                      NE Stall                                                       VIP lounge

                             Angh House                                                International Pavilion

                                      Tribal Hut                                                         Hanger