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     Farm Mechanization is an important ongoing programme in the Department. During 2016-17, Farm Mechanization is been taken under Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) and RKVY. The main objectives is to boost up production and productivity by farm mechanization in the same limited area. The Agricultural land area is limited, but the demand for food is ever increasing due to population growth. To meet this demand, the production and productivity should be increase. Among the states, Nagaland has a very low farm power availability i.e 0.447 Kw/ha. to that of the national which is 1.73 Kw/ha. Therefore, there is a vast scope for Farm Mechanization. In some district where 90% are small and marginal farmers and cannot afford farm machineries. The programme support the farmers by way of establishing Custom Hiring Centre( CHC) to make scope for hiring the required machineries at minimum hiring rate.

       Through this programme, machineries can be provided to the farmers in 50% subsidy, free of cost under Promotion of Farm Machinery in North East Region and also provide scope of hiring machineries by setting up Farm Machinery Banks for custom hiring.

Component wise implemented in the state under SMAM during 2016-17

Sl. No. Component Physical
1. Demonstration on farm machineries 30 (all the district and sub-divisions)
2. Traning on farm machineries 625 farmers trained
3. Power tillers distributed to farmers on subsidy sale 90 Nos.
4. Establishment of farm Machinery Banks for Custom Hiring 5 Nos.
5. Establishment of FMB with minimum of 8 farmers per Bank 7 Nos.

Component wise implemented in the State under RKVY during 2016-17 Component Physical
1. Power tillers distributed to farmers on subsidy sale 22 nos.