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       Fallow is necessary for continuous and successful jhum cultivation. It allows natural regeneration and succession, allows the soil to replenish its natural fertility through litter decomposition, organic matter decomposition and nutrient recycling. The Soil of Nagaland are relatively less fertile and prone to erosion. The farmers are therefore heavily dependent on the ecological processes and thus with the incorporation of trees like Alder trees in their jhum lands before the field is left fallow. With the intervention of this programme the farmers are able to gain higher productivity at the same time maintains soil fertility. Following are the activities taken up during 2016-17:

1. 750 ha. were planted with Alder and Nitrogen fixing trees in jhum field before

abandoning the field

2. 65 Nos. of crop experimental training were conducted

3. 500 ha Plantation of shade loving cash crop such as Large cardamom, turmeric and ginger