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        The Agricultural Economics and Statistics deals with Statistical matter relating to Agricultural activities in the department in order to provide/feedback information in formulating Agricultural development plans and programme etc. for which realistic estimates are necessary, basing on the facts and figures collected at field level. The man power required under Statistical discipline is provided by the Department of Economics and Statistics, but the barrowing department bears salaries, TA/DA, OE and honorarium for maintenance of the Cell as per the decision of the State Planning Board, Government of Nagaland.

Main Activities of the Section:

1) To collect and compile Area, Production and Yield of all principal Crops in the State during the Agriculture year for furnishing Agricultural Statistical Return.

2) To conduct ’Crop Cutting’ Survey of some Major Crops for estimation of Yield rate so as to estimate Crop area for formulation of different Schemes/Programmes in the annual Plan etc.

3) To collect Weather Watch Report Weekly on Crop Sowing area coverage and Production Prospect/supply of inputs Viz. information on Diseases/Pest incidents/condition of crops rainfall information etc.

4) Agricultural Village Profile data.

5) Collect and compile other miscellaneous data as and when need arise.

In addition to normal state plan scheme, the department has taken up centrally sponsored scheme (CSS) for improvement of Agricultural Statistics namely Establishment of Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics (EARAS) with a funding pattern of cent percent grant -in aid by the Government of India during the XII th five year Plan.