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        The department of Agriculture, Nagaland has undertaken construction of 81 (eighty one) numbers of Rural Road Projects in the State under ’Rural Infrastructure Development Fund’ (RIDF-XIX) Program financed by NABARD. These projects are ongoing programme implemented by the department.

        These rural road projects provide motorable road connectivity for the Agricultural productive areas with the major district roads or the village for further linkages with agricultural marketing outlets. These rural roads serve the primary need in sustaining agrarian economy of the State to encourage an overall development with availability of better inputs for agricultural production. During the last decade, there has been gradual increase in cash crop production in the state, mainly Ginger, Kholar, Chilly, Cardamom and vegetable crops with considerable marketable surplus and this is attributed partly due to the road communication with the agricultural hinterlands provided by Agriculture Department under Rural Infrastructure Development Program.

       An amount of Rs.383120000.00 crore is sanctioned against the 81 Nos. of project for RIDF-XIX and so far overall 75% of the said work is completed. An amount of Rs. 2150.00 lakh has been reimbursed by NABARD including current Financial Year 2016-17.